-The Inland Transportation of the goods and its arrival to the customer warehouses is one of the very Important Phases of the Shipping Process, after finishing the final Release.
-We perform this process in a very high scale of Precise and Professional Manner and Commitment, where we inform our customers of all the inland transportation details including the Goods details, the Truck and the driver and the expected time of Arrival to the Premises in any Egyptian Destination, where the shipment is accompanied by a representative of or company.
-Moving of the Heavy lifts, Project Cargos, and special Cargos which need Special Equipmentā€™s to all Egyptian Destinations.
-We are always committed to the follow up and the precise and exact timing in all our performances.
* Local trucking services from/to main Egyptian gates to/from any place inside Egypt.

* Long distance trucking through a wide network of trucking agencies that serve many countries in the Middle East. Further, top care for cargo is highly guaranteed either dry or frozen as many clients prefer inland transportation for its low transit time and easy procedures